[:en]Tales of a GeekTrotter[:fr]Récits d'un GeekTrotter[:ja]Tales of a GeekTrotter [:en]Binary Logbook[:fr]Carnet de bord binaire[:ja]ギークの旅行


Disney SeaDisney Seaディズニーシー

Aujourd'hui, pour l'anniversaire d'Haruka, nous sommes allé à Disney Sea (oui, car à Tokyo, ils ont un "Disney Land" et un "Disney Sea", en gros ce sont deux "disney land" mais l'un est plus proche de la mer que l'autre) avec Shinji, Carol, Jerry et Relina !



Les japonais sont encore des enfants dans leur tête, et disneyland est une sortie classique pour les couples.
C'est pas du tout pareil qu'en France où seuls les enfants et leurs parents vont à Disneyland. Ici les jeunes aussi (surtout !) y vont.

C'est très marrant de voir tout ces couples, avec des habits de Mickey et Minnie, des oreilles de Mickey, des peluches... se balader main dans la main sans aucun complexe.

A vrai dire, il n'y avait pas tellement d'enfants !

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Dinner in Minato-MiraiDîner à Minato-Miraiみなとみらいでの晩御飯

Today Haruka and I met Shinji, Carol and Relina !

We didn't meet Carol and Shinji for a looooong time (since Hong Kong indeed) and it was so good to meet them again in Japan.

Carol came to Japan one week before and is staying in Japan one more week.

We had a look in the Japanese Chinatown (in Yokohama), walked until Minato-Mirai (the Westernized part of Yokohama) and ate Indonesian food which was quite good.

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Windows 7 x64 and video encoding of AviSynth scriptsWindows 7 x64 et l’encodage vidéo de scripts AviSynthWindows 7 x64でのAviSynthスクリプトのビデオエンコーディング

Avec l’arrivée du nouvel OS Windows 7 et la généralisation des processeurs 64 bits, on peut se poser la question si un passage à un Windows 7 x64 est une bonne idée ou pas.

Nous donnerons dans ce dossier notre retour d’expérience quant à l’encodage de scripts AviSynth sous Windows 7 x64 Pro.

AviSynth est un le langage de script vidéo le plus utilisé. Sa simplicité et sa puissance en sont ses points forts.

But à atteindre

Charger des scripts AviSynth dans les logiciels d’encodage tels que meGUI ou VirtualDub sous Windows 7 x64.

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Fireworks in JapanFeux d’artifice au Japon日本での花火

Today, my supervisor Horita-san invited me to a firework near Tokyo.

I had never been to fireworks in Japan but knew it was something huge in Japan so it was the chance to confirm it.

And it was! So far that's the longest (about one hour and a half), the hugest and the most crowded I saw.

Even for the new year in Hong-Kong it was not that huge!

And they have many of this kind of fireworks in Japan during the whole year, especially in summer.

But firework in Japan is not only firework. It's a kind of social event to meet up with your friends.

We arrived at the station around 4PM, definitely early enough... I thought! But it was already crowded!

The point of arriving early is to buy drinks and food at the nearest supermarket and find a good place to watch the firework. We were a group of about 10 people and managed to have a good place.

The place looked like Woodstock. It was a huge park next to a river and everybody was sitting on the grass (over a tarpaulin).

It looked like Woodstock at the exception that everything was under police and security control.

We arrived early, had a sit and start chatting/eating/drinking.

Fireworks in Japan are a nice place for dating or showing you up. So most of the girls were wearing kimono (or yukata to be right) and it was really cute.

Unfortunately, the men do not wear kimono (or yukata) as much as the girls... even almost none of them wear it!

Actually, the main part of men wearing yukata are foreigners... so pity.

Anyway girls are cute in kimono, and that's a good image of the mix between traditional culture and at the cutting edge of technology: girls in kimono writing emails on their mobile phones or listening to music in hearphones.

I had a great afternoon and the firework was really great.

When we came back, it was soooooooo crowded we couldn't enter into the first train... and we forced to enter in the second one...

On our way back, we stopped at Takadanobaba Station to say hi to Clément who was coming back from a seminar.

We took a drink I recommended and I'm never gonna drink again...: Hoppi !!! That's something you mix with sake and that's pretty non-tasty...

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WE with Tom and ClémentWE avec Tom et Clémentトムやクレマンくんとの週末

Tom is a friend from Chicago I met in Hong Kong while I was an exchange student there. He came to Tokyo for the weekend so I met him on Friday night after an interview for my future studies (in the University of Keio).
I also invited Clément to join us and we went to an izakaya (Japanese-style bar) in Asakusa. We had a lot to eat and to drink!

Then... the funny story starts... I missed my last train to go back to Yokohama (which is quite far away by walk) so had no choice but to stay in Tokyo for the night... As Clément is a really nice guy, he decided to stay also in Tokyo for the night and we decided to go to Roppongi, which is the international zone of Tokyo, which looks like any other big international city in the world. We first went to a pub with free entrance... than bought some beers in the very convenient "convenient stores" and drunk it in a park close to Roppongi, Clément and I, while Tom was still at the pub. Then when we come back to the pub, Tom wasn't there anymore so we finally finished the night in the very gorgeous Mc Donald, the favourite restaurant of Clément :p I think Clément regrets staying in Tokyo all night long haha...

I managed to catch the first train around 5AM... and was so sleepy that of course I slept and missed my stop and was far away at the opposite... to finally arrive around 9AM at my apartment... take breakfast (if we can call it breakfast...) and sleep!

So Saturday was a lazy day, recovering from the last night...
And on Sunday we decided to head to Harajuku (an area in Tokyo I already talked about) which was as crazy as usual. Then we walked until Shibuya, another crazy area in Tokyo and finally took the subway to Akihabara, the electronic and otaku town.

We failed to enter into a Maid Café... We tried once, but those little girls dressed as maids are so scary we flew. We don't wanna get caught for corruption of a minor!

Finally, we found an interesting maid where we took photos:


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