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Taiwan’s arrival

Tadam !

After a pleasant time in Paris with Nico, and several hours from Paris to Taipei throught Hong-Kong, I'm finally in Taiwan !

As soon as I arrived, a taxi called by the university took me to the University's Campus. Then, a girl from the ILCC (International Language and Culture Center), Kate, and a french guy from the same school as me in France showed me the area and took me to my room.

I arrived the friday 27th of June, final exam day for taiwanese students. I went to lunch with two girls from the ILCC : Kate and Joanne, then I met my professor, Professor Lai, coz after all I came here for my internship ^__^.

Here is my room :
Ma chambre

We are four people in the same room. At the beginning, I was with two Indian guys (so one place left) but I asked for changing, and the next monday I was with two french schoolmates : Pascal and Yves, and a taiwanese/hawaian : Ray.

The first evening, I had a dinner with Pascal and some taiwanese guys from his labs. It was delicious, and then we came back to the labs to take a beer. Finally, I was a bit exhausted by the flight trip, so I slept around midnight.