[:en]Tales of a GeekTrotter[:fr]Récits d'un GeekTrotter[:ja]Tales of a GeekTrotter [:en]Binary Logbook[:fr]Carnet de bord binaire[:ja]ギークの旅行


Welcome to Hong Kong !Bienvenue à Hong Kong !香港へようこそ!

After a four hours long flight from the Kansai International Airport in Osaka, I finally arrived in Hong Kong International Airport 🙂

First impression: damn good! As planed, students from Hong Kong University (HKU) were waiting for new students, in the middle of the airport between the two main terminals, with shuttles departing every hour.

I met some local students and some exchange students, waiting for the shuttle bus, just as me. We was around 10 new students, from different countries such as England, Singapore, Canada, USA, India, France… already a nice glimpse of what will be the cultural mix in HKU.

As soon as we arrived outside the airport… the first thing that is really shocking is… the weather… it’s so HOOOT!

It’s so wet we feel like if it was 50°C in France! And polluted… definitely more than in my sweet South of France!

But anyway, after a few meters outside, we ride an air conditionized bus, for around 40 minutes before arriving to the HKU Campus… And after a few minutes inside the campus, we finally arrived to my residence: Patrick Manson Students Residence. I’m lucky, I’m on the ground floor! And actually, only the ground floor is inhabited by boys. The first to third floors are only girls floor… I’m really lucky haha.

Inside my residence I met my “buddy”, a student from HKU assigned to help me discovering the campus and the school, filling the paper I need for my enrollment, and showed me around. I really appreciated her help. It was really easier for me thanks to her. I guess I would have been lost in Hong Kong if she wasn't there... By the way her name is Karen (English name, they all have an English name in HK...) and she learns French language. That's maybe why she was assigned to help me.

Then, I went to my Hall (student residence) and met my roomate, Dave. He is a nice guy from Canada. Actually, he is only one of my roomates, coz as there are too many people in the residence, we have to share the room with another student who will arrive later. The room is quite tiny for three people, but I don't mind. And, as you will see, it won't be a problem at all :).

I also met the other guys in my residence, mainly from Spain or Spanish-speaking countries like Ecuador. They were going to nightclub and invited me to join them, but I was tired and decided to have a rest. Next time!