[:en]Tales of a GeekTrotter[:fr]Récits d'un GeekTrotter[:ja]Tales of a GeekTrotter [:en]Binary Logbook[:fr]Carnet de bord binaire[:ja]ギークの旅行


WE with Tom and ClémentWE avec Tom et Clémentトムやクレマンくんとの週末

Tom is a friend from Chicago I met in Hong Kong while I was an exchange student there. He came to Tokyo for the weekend so I met him on Friday night after an interview for my future studies (in the University of Keio).
I also invited Clément to join us and we went to an izakaya (Japanese-style bar) in Asakusa. We had a lot to eat and to drink!

Then... the funny story starts... I missed my last train to go back to Yokohama (which is quite far away by walk) so had no choice but to stay in Tokyo for the night... As Clément is a really nice guy, he decided to stay also in Tokyo for the night and we decided to go to Roppongi, which is the international zone of Tokyo, which looks like any other big international city in the world. We first went to a pub with free entrance... than bought some beers in the very convenient "convenient stores" and drunk it in a park close to Roppongi, Clément and I, while Tom was still at the pub. Then when we come back to the pub, Tom wasn't there anymore so we finally finished the night in the very gorgeous Mc Donald, the favourite restaurant of Clément :p I think Clément regrets staying in Tokyo all night long haha...

I managed to catch the first train around 5AM... and was so sleepy that of course I slept and missed my stop and was far away at the opposite... to finally arrive around 9AM at my apartment... take breakfast (if we can call it breakfast...) and sleep!

So Saturday was a lazy day, recovering from the last night...
And on Sunday we decided to head to Harajuku (an area in Tokyo I already talked about) which was as crazy as usual. Then we walked until Shibuya, another crazy area in Tokyo and finally took the subway to Akihabara, the electronic and otaku town.

We failed to enter into a Maid Café... We tried once, but those little girls dressed as maids are so scary we flew. We don't wanna get caught for corruption of a minor!

Finally, we found an interesting maid where we took photos: