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Fireworks in JapanFeux d’artifice au Japon日本での花火

Today, my supervisor Horita-san invited me to a firework near Tokyo.

I had never been to fireworks in Japan but knew it was something huge in Japan so it was the chance to confirm it.

And it was! So far that's the longest (about one hour and a half), the hugest and the most crowded I saw.

Even for the new year in Hong-Kong it was not that huge!

And they have many of this kind of fireworks in Japan during the whole year, especially in summer.

But firework in Japan is not only firework. It's a kind of social event to meet up with your friends.

We arrived at the station around 4PM, definitely early enough... I thought! But it was already crowded!

The point of arriving early is to buy drinks and food at the nearest supermarket and find a good place to watch the firework. We were a group of about 10 people and managed to have a good place.

The place looked like Woodstock. It was a huge park next to a river and everybody was sitting on the grass (over a tarpaulin).

It looked like Woodstock at the exception that everything was under police and security control.

We arrived early, had a sit and start chatting/eating/drinking.

Fireworks in Japan are a nice place for dating or showing you up. So most of the girls were wearing kimono (or yukata to be right) and it was really cute.

Unfortunately, the men do not wear kimono (or yukata) as much as the girls... even almost none of them wear it!

Actually, the main part of men wearing yukata are foreigners... so pity.

Anyway girls are cute in kimono, and that's a good image of the mix between traditional culture and at the cutting edge of technology: girls in kimono writing emails on their mobile phones or listening to music in hearphones.

I had a great afternoon and the firework was really great.

When we came back, it was soooooooo crowded we couldn't enter into the first train... and we forced to enter in the second one...

On our way back, we stopped at Takadanobaba Station to say hi to Clément who was coming back from a seminar.

We took a drink I recommended and I'm never gonna drink again...: Hoppi !!! That's something you mix with sake and that's pretty non-tasty...