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Kuremon-kun!Kuremon-kun !クレモンくん!


Today, I met Kuremon-kun (Clement), a French friend I didn't meet for a long time and that I finally met again in Japan.

He just arrived in Tokyo one week ago and lives in Shinjuku... for 6 months! So lucky! I envy him... :'(

We just had lunch near his dormitory and then went to visit Shinjuku.

We had a quick look of the Girls bars and houses from outside (hostesses clubs) in Kabuki-cho.

Then climbed the 45 floors of the Office Tower (ok, by elevator...) to have a great view of Tokyo.

Then we went to Harajuku but unfortunately it wasn't as usual: not crowded and no people with weird clothes... So pity!

It was like that:

Harajuku Street

Harajuku Street

And finally we went to the crowded and lively Shibuya.



That's good being in weekend!