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Online file synchronizers to save software settings!Synchronisation de fichiers en ligne pour sauver les paramètres des programmes !オンライン・ファイル同期装置のかげでソフトウェアの設定を保存する

In the lines of my previous Online File Synchronizers Review post, I will now introduce a small trick to prevent you from loosing all your application parameters in case your hard drive just dies.

On Windows 7, the individual user software parameters (for example your internet browser plugins, FTP Client accounts and so on) are saved under the $USER/AppData folder (where $USER is "C:/Users/YourName")
On Linux it is under your $HOME in hidden directories ($HOME/.mozilla for the firefox parameters for example).

In case you loose your hard disk, having a copy of this folder can prevent you from loosing important settings for your softwares. It does not prevent you from loosing the softwares itself but only the settings and save accounts and parameters for example.
Concretely, with this folder, you can install Firefox on a fresh re-install of Windows/Linux after having loosing it and you will still have all your plugins with their settings.

Using the previous online file synchronizers I introduced to you in my previous post (DropboxSugarSyncZumoDrive), you can synchronize this folder (for example C:/Users/Thomas/AppData).

But there is one last thing to be careful. This folder is constantly changed. There are temp files stored in this folder so you will be synchronizing very often (so using your connection a lot).
To avoid that, you can remove some folders from your synchronization. I recommend you to remove at least the Temp folders (AppData/Local/Temp and AppData/LocalLow/Temp) and the browser cache folder (for example AppData/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Cache for Google Chrome).

This can be set using the Excluded Subfolders of SugarSync.
Here is an illustration of the exclusion of the previously quoted folders using SugarSync on Windows.


Manage Excluded Subfolders (at the bottom)


SugarSync Excluded Subfolders (Temp)


Excluded Subfolders (Internet Browser)

Now you will always have your software settings no matter what happens!
And you won't loose hours and hours to set up everything again...

Note that you can also use that to synchronize your settings on different computers.
But the built-in features of the softwares are better for that.