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Arbitrage Program

This is a demonstration of my Arbitrage Program:

This program is checking if there is an arbitrage opportunity.
Based on two different betting websites, it calculates if there is a "sure bet" or not.
There is a sure bet if the sure bet number is inferior to 1.

You just need to select the competition (only 3 competitions implemented so far, but adding competitions is not a big deal) and SCAN!
The results is then displayed to you.

An evolution of the software would be to check every X seconds and actually really automatically bet on the websites if a sure bet is found.
But this is dealing with real money and probably illegal so my tool is only a simulation tool!

Software developed with Qt/C++.
Binaries are available on Windows and Linux (require additional installation of OpenSSL and Visual C++ redistributables on Windows, if you do not have them).