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Quickly build smartphone applications (iPhone, Android, WP7, BB, Symbian) with Rhomobile Rhodes

Yesterday, I had no idea about how to write programs for smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry.
Today, my first application is already running on my Android phone...

As a first attempt to write a mobile application, I just tried to build an application that retrieves the latest news from my school's atom feed and displays it in a native way on a smartphone (Keio University, Graduate School of SDM).
Yesterday, I had absolutely no knowledge about mobile development, except "iPhone is using the ugly Objective-C and Android is using the heavy Java".
Today, the application looks like that...

...is written in pure Ruby and is 100% native on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry!
How come?! Thanks to a powerful, light, easy and intuitive mobile framework: Rhodes (from Rhomobile).
Let see in this post how to do that.


Could not find /etc/localtime, unable to determine host timezone

If you ever had a "localtime" problem such as:

### WARNING: could not find /etc/localtime or /usr/share/zoneinfo/localtime. unable to determine host timezone

It can be fixed simply by copying your timezone localtime file into /etc/localtime.

For example in my case, my timezone is Asia/Tokyo, so I copy the /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Tokyo file into /etc/localtime:

sudo cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Tokyo /etc/localtime

And that's it!

PS: In my case, it was preventing me to start the Android Device Emulator from Rhodes (Rhomobile) on ArchLinux i686. Works as a charm after the previous command!

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Ruby on Rails: the best web programming framework?

I’ve been programming for some websites mainly in PHP/MySQL for many years now and decided to have a look to what is new in this field.

And there is a very promising one that should have lights on it: Ruby on Rails (or simply “RoR”).
Let’s have an overview on RoR in this post.


QtRuby: Rapid programming of powerful graphical applications

Please allow me to introduce you QtRuby, a powerful multi-platform programming language that will help you to develop robust and awesome graphical applications quite easily and funnily. (that's said!)


Boot on your USB Drive in VirtualBox 4

VirtualBox is a free and easy to use multi-platform Virtualization software.

It means you can run a different OS inside your current OS (Linux in Windows, Windows in Linux, Linux in Linux, Windows in Windows, almost everything is possible!).

VirtualBoxLinux in Windows

It is very easy to start a new virtual machine and use space on a virtual hard drive on your local hard drive (or USB drive). Just follow the VirtualBox wizard.
However, some people want more portability in the physical meaning. To have a system that you can put in your pocket, bring anywhere, plug into any computer and it will run YOUR system.

This is possible by installing a system on a USB stick! This guide won't explain how to install an OS on a USB stick but how to boot on this USB disk in VirtualBox.

Sometimes you don't want to boot on your USB stick directly but within another running system. Then, you need to run the system in a Virtual Machine.

Unfortunately, VirtualBox doesn't allow you to boot from the USB from the GUI.

Nevertheless, there is a small trick to make it possible, using only a single built-in VirtualBox command-line tool.

Let see how to do so in this tutorial!

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