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Blog’s revival

Today, I decided two things.

First, I'm gonna try to update my blog with information about my first trip in Japan, two years ago, my exchange student experience in Hong Kong last semester, and my current internship experience in Japan.

Second, I think I'm gonna write mainly (not to say only...) in English, doing so from now because I will update information quite "in real time" from my cellphone, which is a Japanese one, which means with a qwerty keyboard exempt from lovely French accents ('n I don't like to write or read French without accents... it sounds like something's missing... like no feelings). From computers too, my keyboard is a qwerty one, but I can "simulate" it as an "azerty" (French one) and write with French accents, should I be able to remember the letters positions of French keyboard... That's a bit annoying, but I'm used to it as I started using my qwerty laptop keyboard like this. But now I prefer using the qwerty keyboard as I write my papers for my school or my company in English.

Except from that, today is a very special day for Japan, this is the Baseball Worldcup Final, which match the current world champion team, Japan, against its great rival, Korea. Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan, so, of course, every single Japanese guy was following the event. As I'm writting these lines (lunch break), the score is a draw between the two teams (1-1) and it's about half of the time. Baseball games can be long, veeeery long ! And especially for a french guy like me, it can be soporific... Almost worst than a soccer game for a southerner! But Japanese people are not fooling around with Baseball, especially when it's against Korea, and today was the first time I saw them doing something else than working inside the company: they were following the results, even watching the game on their cellphones sometimes ('coz yeah, they receive TV on their cellphones, and digital TV...). Maybe, like me, you are surprised that two Asian teams are in Baseball Worldcup Finals at the expense of the USA, but that's true... USA has been humiliated by... Venezuela! It just goes to show they are not that good, those yankees! Go, Go, Samurai Japan! :p

Edit: Japan won!

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