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24 1/090


France is quite a safe country with regards to natural disasters... For example we never have earthquakes or typhoons that kill so many people in Japan for example.

Nevertheless, we sometimes have some storms with strong wind like in December '99 which was one of the biggest disaster in French History.

Anyway, these natural disasters never came to the best city in France: Toulouse! But... But... that day... the day I was supposed to flight to Hong Kong... the strongest storm I ever saw tried to prevent me from going to HK... From the early morning, a really strong storm coming from Spain (and which killed a few people in Spain) arrived in South of France. As a result, all airports were closed in South-West France, especially in Bordeaux and Toulouse... How lucky I am! My flight is at 5pm and, by the afternoon, the airport is still closed and no news telling us when it will re-open. In the early afternoon, the storm has almost gone but the airport is still closed... I have to be in Paris by the night for my transit no matter what! But train lines were closed too. Even the rugby team, supposed to go to Bath (England) for the Heineken Cup (European Rugby Cup), had to wait for the airport to open. Out of sheer desperation, we decided to go to the airport around 4 to see from ourselves how it's going.

-- PHOTO of Apocaliptic Airport --

What we saw there was like the apocalypse... Almost nobody, everything was upside down, no cars in the huge empty car parkings... Finally, we managed to enter the airport itself, and to my great relief, they announced the re-opening of the airport... with my flight! My flight was the first one to be maintained again. How lucky in my bad luck 🙂
So finally, I flighted to Hong Kong without any trouble. By the way, if I couldn't manage to go to Paris on time, as I bought the tickets in different transactions, Air France, even if both tickets were with Air France, wouldn't have refund me the cost of the flight from Paris to HK coz they consider it's my bad I couldn't be in Paris on time... So nice!

When I finally arrived in Hong Kong, nothing had change, it was still so hot compare to France... I arrived to my new flat in Sheung Wan safe.

My flat

My flat

The flat is quite nice. A big bed, a small kitchen, a TV, a desk a wardrobe and a private bathroom with toilet and shower. Widely enough to survive! And the location is really good. At distance walk from the MTR (subway) and only one station to Central, which, as the name suggests, is the middle town of Hong Kong.

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