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Upgrade Arrows X LTE (F-05D) to Android 4.0

Back in November 2012, Docomo (finally...) upgraded its Docomo NEXT Serie to Android 4.

To upgrade, you can either follow the detailed version by Docomo (and many other Japanese websites...).
Full of colours, explanations and diagrams so a 2 years old child can do it:...
...and might waste hours

Or, simply download the two following files:
- ZIP: http://spf.fmworld.net/fujitsu/c/update/nttdocomo/f-05d/update1/top/download/ [from the Wifi connection of your F-05D phone OR your computer]
- APK: http://spf.fmworld.net/fujitsu/c/update/nttdocomo/f-05d/update1/sp/top/download/ [from the 3G connection of your F-05D phone]
In both cases, click the blue box to agree. (同意する)

Extract the ZIP in your INTERNAL SD card, NOT in external_sd.
So you should have a ".enc" file at the same level as "external_sd" (and not inside).
Install the APK on your phone, run it, choose the first option (internal memory) and wait, that's it.


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  • Jumbo

    I can’t update in US, right. It won’t allow me from apk. I have enc either internal sd or external sd apk didn’t go any further.

    • ThomasDalla

      Hi Jumbo,
      If you bought your phone in Japan from Docomo, I think you can download the APK only if connected to their network (docomo).

      I don’t know why they force to use their network to download the APK but they might have a reason. If you have a friend in Japan in Docomo (with an F-05D preferably , you can ask him to download the APK for you and see if that works.

  • Sarma

    Hello… I have updated this phone to 4.0.3 but i dont like camera it sutters a bit.. Does anybody how to downgrade f05d to 2.3.4 or 2.3.5 . Thanks in advance…..

    • ThomasDalla

      What’s wrong with the camera? I personally prefer the one in 4.0.
      Not sure if there is any easy way to downgrade. You could reset to factory default and upgrade back up to 2.3.5. Use a backup/restore tool like Titanium backup to keep your apps and settings.

  • Anantha

    Hey it tells me that I need to update my phone before proceeding on the APK update app. I’ve got the enc in the right place and eveything. Thanks!

    • ThomasDalla

      Then update first: System Settings > About Phone > Software Update

  • Leonardo

    Hello, apparently I don’t have permission to donwload the APK file.

    You don’t have permission to access /fujitsu/c/update/nttdocomo/f-05d/update1/sp/top/download/ on this server.”

    Help please,

    • ThomasDalla

      This happens when you are not on DoCoMo mobile network (3G/LTE).
      This is a restriction from DoCoMo.

      • Leonardo

        Oh!… 😛 Sorry Thanks!!!

  • Leo

    Hello! Once the upgrade is installed , should I delete the remaining .enc file?

    • ThomasDalla

      Yes, once the update is complete, you can remove the file to release space on your card.

  • Leo

    Hi. when i went to System Settings > About Phone > Software Update. It tells me this: “Fail to start update. Due to no network or roaming”. Do I need to get in DoCoMo mobile network (3G/LTE). Because I’ve tried this even with Wi-Fi and my local 3G network. And still no solution.

    Best regards!

    • ThomasDalla

      Hi Leo,
      Possibly, yes. To be honest I have never tried from another network so I am not sure but it might be if you originally bought it with DoCoMo yes.

      • Leo

        Thomas I ‘ve found the same solution you posted in a chinese page. Thank you!!!

  • qizhen

    For everyone outside Japan or using a non-Docomo sim, you can update your phone by:

    1. Downloading the update file on your computer and extracting it to the root of your sd card (as above)

    2. Boot into recovery mode (most forums tell you to hold the BACK, HOME and POWER buttons but for some reason my F-05D wanted MENU, BACK, HOME, VOLUME BUTTONS and the POWER button so try either combination out. It takes a looooonng time so don’t let go until you see that recovery screen with the android robot thing.)

    3. There should be two options – reset and update. Use the volume keys to highlight the update option and press power to select. The phone should recognise the file and then update and reboot your phone.

    And that’s it! As far as I know, this also works for the T-01D (with it’s own update file), so double-fun times.

  • YoNeighbor

    This is an old thread, but does anyone know about the .dat format that DoCoMo uses for the F10-D upgrade file to 4.2.2 Jellybean?
    I can get into recovery, but the phone doesn’t appear to find this file format, and opening it on a pc to inspect the contents shows no update.zip style structure.
    Here is the file link for pc, I am in the US.


    Thanks to anyone with information.