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Zattoo 4 sous Fedora ou autre Red Hat Linux

Zattoo has finally released the linux version of its player.

Unfortunately, only a ".deb" file for Ubuntu is currently available.
But don't worry, it works well on Fedora too!

First, grab the debian package from the Zattoo website: http://zattoo.com/en/download/linux?download=1&version=Linux-i386-deb

Then, extract the files we are interested in with the following command:

ar p zattoo-4.0.4-i386.deb data.tar.gz | tar zx

It will create a "usr" folder, just copy its content to your /usr folder:

cp usr/* /usr/

Then you can start Zattoo Player 4 on Fedora just typing Zattoo from your terminal!


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