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Online file synchronizers review

Online file synchronizers are getting more and more popular recently, allowing users to securely and transparently save their most important files.
I will now introduce my selection of three of them.

Let see concretely how these online file synchronizers can help you.
I have been using Dropbox for a dozen of months, and it saved me twice already.
First, when I accidentally saved over the wrong file, erasing an important Word report! Dropbox had kept a record of the previous versions of the file so I was able to recover the file as it was just before overwriting it! I should have used the built-in previous versions (on Windows 7), but unfortunately on a small laptop hard disk, free space is not abundant so I disabled it.
The second time, when my hard drive decided to stop working... I lost all my system, my files... except the 2GB most important files that were synchronized online with Dropbox!

Considering the benefits of such useful free softwares, I started to look for alternatives or similar softwares and tried some online file synchronizers.

3 of them popped out of the box:

Dropbox is maybe the most popular one recently, and has strong features. The free version allows you to synchronize up to 2GB data. Since the 1.0.10 version, it can be different folders on your hard disk (selective folders). Dropbox keeps a track of all the revisions of your files so you can recover previous versions of a file!
Dropbox is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices.

SugarSync is very similar to Dropbox except instead of 2GB, you will have 5GB for free! That's basically the only difference I see after using it for a while. The only drawback is that it is not available for Linux... So penguins like me will have to pass on this one. I hope one day a linux version will be released because it's very promising.

ZumoDrive is again similar to the two previous ones except it has a different system design. ZumoDrive works as a network drive, in addition to synchronizing local folders (that can be chosen separately, like the selective folders in Dropbox). By installing ZumoDrive, you will map a network drive to the online storage. A good point is that it can really "add" 2GB to your storage but you have to consider the network latency if you really want to use it as a pure network drive (with a good cache though). You can also use it as a normal file synchronizer like the other ones.
This one is also available for Linux 😉

Finally, a good thing is that you can have all of them at the same time!
Which allows you to have up to 9GB of free online file synchronization!

Enjoy 😉

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